Céline brings sophistication, socks and handbags to the runway for SS17

Work Of Art
For SS17, Creative Director Phoebe Philo collaborates with American artist Dan Graham, whose work she came across in NYC many years ago and instantly fell in love. Dan created a glorious glass wall installation that twisted along the catwalk, meaning the audience could see both the clothes and themselves; making for what Phoebe deems as a more “interesting and powerful way” to present her collection to the audience. Speaking of art –  Céline’s collection for this PFW hit the audience with endless sophistication and modern femininity in the form of loose fit dresses, oversized suits and sultry cut-outs. The pieces were crafted with careful details like ombré skirts, crochet busts and fringe necklines; increasing the excitement with every look, guaranteeing our eyes stayed glued on the runway at all times.

Socks & Sandals

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. You thought it would never happen, you deemed it the biggest ‘fashion don’t’, you joined in when the internet mocked it to oblivion – well who’s laughing now, because it is here and it is happening! Céline sale uk shop  says so. Thin black tights and thick mismatch coloured socks were layered under dainty strappy heels, serving that who-needs-shoes look, with toes peeking through the low denier hosiery. On the complete opposite side of the fashion scale was the appearance of bright white trainers that added the perfect casual-cool vibe to elegant dresses.

Bags For Days

The looks did not go un-accessorized, as almost every girl walked down the runway with a dazzling cheap celine bag in tow. Some looks were accompanied with sophisticated, structured handbags and others were paired with gorgeously giant, Mary Kate & Ashley style floppy bags, all stunning the crowd in a buttery, shiny leather. Whether you’re more briefcase or boho, Céline has the perfect bag to make you exude the right amount of importance and style.



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Céline open first Australian outlet store before Christmas

Céline outlet uk is thinking ahead this year and gifting us all what we really, really want Santa to bring us for the end of 2016, the first Australian stand-alone Céline store.

Slated to arrive in Melbourne’s Chadstone in mid-December, the store will carry ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and accessories. And yes, the spring/summer ’17 collection will be stocked upon opening.

The store is set to feature the label’s signature pebble dash façade, a new coloured concrete floor and those Instagrammable marble fixtures. And if December is a little too far away keep yourself busy by perusing the celine sale uk brand’s French headquarters.

In what is set to be the best Christmas present ever, Parisian It-girl favourite Céline is opening its first Australian stand-alone store just in time for the holiday season.


So which lucky state will get their hands on the French goods first? The boutique is set to open in Melbourne’s luxury haven Chadstone in mid-December, just in time to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

The new boutique is slated to stock the spring/summer ’17 collection alongside ready-to-wear,cheap celine handbags, shoes and accessories. Basically, it’s all the Céline you could ever dream of. And with its marble interiors and iconic pebble dash façade, the style won’t only be restricted to the store’s wares.

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Valentino And Céline Complete Air-conditioned Sunday

Sometimes appearance can feel like a beholder action with all the active around, top contour draftees and defectors, and affecting commentary. So if a arranger referred to day 6 as ‘Super Sunday’ — super, because the day is arranged with big shows including Balenciaga, Céline Outlet, Valentino and Givenchy — it articulate about right.


And with all the on- and off-calendar, and pre- and main-season shows, the Paris women’s ready-to-wear anniversary can feel like the championships afterwards a continued year of abate tournaments and we’re about at the final round.

Here are need-to-knows from the day a lot of acceptable to access the blow of celine bags sale fashion, and your wardrobe…

When it comes to the affectionate of appearance that changes the advance of the way we dress, there are 5 affecting stages (sometimes more.)


There’s anger: ‘What are thoooose. Awful. Why would anyone appearance that?’

Then indifference: ‘Wear it if you wish to, but I will not be spending my £800 pounds on that.’

Then curiosity: ‘What’s with all the weird-looking jeans I accumulate seeing on the street?’

Then acceptance: ‘It looks alright if you abrasion it a assertive way.’

Shoulder pads, a attending Demna Gvasalia active with both Vetements and Balenciaga has already had above influence. He’s the acumen we’re seeing them everywhere this season, in boxlike coats, blazers and blouses.

For spring, he fabricated them bigger, with stronger, abstract curve at Balenciaga. And it was polarising (editors in Paris seemed to either adulation it or abhorrence it), like a lot of cheap celine handbags agenda-setting appearance is.

When a acute new abstraction hits the runway, it looks awe-inspiring at first, sometimes even unnerving, afore the eye adjusts to it and it becomes the affair you accept to wear. Demna’s astronomic amateur and boxlike jackets accept become that. And anticipation by the looks of the top street, the attraction is proving to be irresistible.

Phoebe Philo, continued a woman who wields an astronomic access on the accurate appearance of what we wear, showed a bigger, boxier anorak with hardly sloped, bedlam amateur over voluminous, aqueous skirts and airy flares.


Her columnist addendum included a adduce from the American artisan Dan Graham, ‘I wish to appearance that our bodies are apprenticed to the world, whether we like it or not…’ And the soundtrack featured all the noises from city-limits activity (traffic, voices.)

This was her new alms for your wardrobe: a new appearance in a airy fit that’s simple abundant to move about in.

This was basically the colour of the day, actualization in Balenciaga, Céline Outlet Uk and Valentino. And because these shows are so influential, that agency you can add it to the annual of colours of the season.

Pink has been traveling able for a solid four years now, or more, traveling all the way aback to Raf Simons’ adieu accumulating for Jil Sander, which fabricated affection bonbon shades air-conditioned again.

Now, it’s all about the Eighties variety: ablaze and garish, endlessly just abbreviate of fuchsia. The colour of old Barbie baby wardrobes, but with ample appearance credibility. If you acquisition yourself with the appetite to abrasion it, this is the acumen why.


In Pierpaolo Piccioli’s able aboriginal abandoned accumulating for Valentino, a standout this week, the gowns were as ablaze as Zandra Rhodes’ hair; she created the adumbration abstract on his dreamy, aerial dresses.

Simon Jacquemus showed altered heels, Phoebe Philo took it a footfall further, and showed allegory shoes. A white abate cossack on one foot, a red one on the other.

And on added looks: a atramentous strappy sandal on the right, a white one on the left. Editors and the Instagram masses affection their acquaint pics approved.

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Céline SS17 show report: Paris Fashion Week

Designer Phoebe Philo had worked with the artist Dan Graham to create the glass S-shaped pavilion in which to show her SS17 collection. “I wanted to see it cast through the kaleidoscope of Dan’s installation. The fact that people can see themselves and the clothes makes for more complex reflections.”

It created a bewildering space. Part window, part looking glass, the models walked in all directions, refracted through the glass walls like blurs along a corridor. The intensely private Philo, who herself can be remote and somewhat enigmatic, had likewise seemed to keep her woman at one remove.

The show itself was gentle and beguiling, mixing daywear with other more arresting propositions. The suiting jackets were oversized but fluid, the trousers were three-quarter-length, with printed chiffon inserts at the cuff. A coat jacket was twisted down the spine and given cutaway details and slung with golden rope. Bags were structured and ladylike and then exaggerated and floppy. The palette was neutral with spots of sorbet — a raspberry dress in chiffon, a pale lemon yellow, or a cotton shell top in mint.

But there were more subversive details here also: a white dress with pointy breasts was covered in an Yves Klein body splotch, another featured a bustier in a spiderweb crochet. Shoes were paired in different colours. Thin denier socks were incorporated into sandals. Philo has often unravelled the silhouette, here it was loose but quietly exposed, with nappa leather waistbands and sheer chiffon skirts. “I want to show that our bodies are bound to the ground whether we like it or not,” explained a show note, written by Graham. The details gave the collection a slightly primal instinct: you can dress the woman so many different ways for celine outlet, Philo seemed to be suggesting, but you can’t disguise the body underneath.

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Céline introduces us to Faye Wong

Here on The Telegraph fashion desk we are always eager to find a new workwear pin-up to show that a 9-to-5 (or 9) wardrobe can be just as stylish as it is functional. Céline’s Phoebe Philo never fails to serve up ultra-chic tailoring which would make any woman excited for Monday mornings, whether it’s the real thing you’re wearing or one of the many, many tributes on offer for every budget. This season, Philo also introduced us to our new workwear inspiration in the perhaps unlikely form of Chinese pop star, Faye Wong.

Celine bags-1

Céline’s marketing is as discreet as its blazers with a largely celebrity-free front row – this is the one show which remains immune from the Kardashian paparazzi swarm which regularly invades fashion week. At the Celine show on Sunday however, 47-year-old Chinese singing sensation Faye Wong – who was dubbed the ‘Best Selling Canto-Pop Female’ by the Guinness World Records – was worthy of a little fuss from the photographers.

The Chinese singer was described by Vogue China as ‘the ultimate Celine fan,’ and her front row ensemble proves why she is the perfect embodiment of Philo’s minimal aesthetic. At Sunday’s show she wore high-waisted slouchy trousers with white seam detailing running down the front of the legs from the Resort 2016 collection. She paired them with a blazer with gold buttons artfully slung over a delicate blouse with ruffled sleeves.

Wong’s ensemble shows that fashion month’s most prominent trend – the single oversized earring – can add personality to classic workwear and take you seamlessly from your desk to drinks. The singer had one orange sculptural Céline earring poking out through her choppy bob. Wearing a single dramatic earring seem like a tricky look, but she proves that it can appear effortless and surprisingly wearable when it’s the hero accessory.

Voguedescribes Wong as “a collector, avid fan, and occasional ambassador of the brand,” as she regularly leans to the Parisian house for her work wardrobe as well as for out-of-office dressing. Her aesthetic is so very Celine Outlet with her soft spot for sleek outerwear and louche pieces; on the red carpet Wong will opt for trainers, suit trousers and a crisp white shirt instead of frothy gown. Based on her first front row look of the week, we hope that this wasn’t Wong’s only Fashion Week appearance this season…

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